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The compositions for piano of Daniele Bilangieri are the expression of a musical sensibility that originates from the classical tradition and uses contemporary elements tending to highlight melodies and evocative harmonies. They are characterized by dynamic contrasts, density variations and care of the themes that have the intention to involve the listener to make him sympathetic about a real “tale” by notes, leading into an emotive landscape in which romance, rarefaction and passion coexist.


DANIELE BILANGIERI is born in Livorno on March 8th, 1976. Since he was a child, he shows a strong interest in music and everything that has black and white keys. He starts studying as self-taught and wrote his first compositions at the age of 16. A growing love for classical music and the desire to expand his musical horizons both theoretical and technical, lead him to join the course of piano at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “Pietro Mascagni” of Livorno following the ministerial ordinary course and then he enroll [...]


“With the album ‘Risveglio d’arancio’ you can enjoy a work full of romance and elegance of taste.”
(“Disk Union”, Tokyo)

“I appreciate, in his pianism, the proceed for phrases, not in iteratively sequential way but through developing and overlapping of themes. Then it’s strong the interpretive component as preferential issue of composition.”
(Amedeo Furfaro, journalist and music critic for “Musica News”)

“A brilliant touch, an intense and passionate legato, a transcendental technical mastery. His music is poetry…”
(Ester Rausa, pianist and teacher)

“His music goes straight to the heart.”
(Lucia Giampietro, pianist and teacher)

“Since the beginning of the 2009 his site is firmly located within the 10th position of the official Top Artist Myspace chart.”
(Myspace Music, Classical/Italy, November 2009)

“A fresh and very personal style. Very refined and inspired melodies.”
(Diego Genta, pianist and composer)

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