DANIELE BILANGIERI is born in Livorno on March 8th, 1976. Since he was a child, he shows a strong interest in music and everything that has black and white keys. He starts studying as self-taught and wrote his first compositions at the age of 16. A growing love for classical music and the desire to expand his musical horizons both theoretical and technical, lead him to join the course of piano at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “Pietro Mascagni” of Livorno following the ministerial ordinary course and then he enrolled simultaneously in the course of composition. Assiduous and attentive listener to all music in general and in particular to the instrumental (classical and contemporary), he combines traditional studies and writing piano compositions for a real need of personal expression. He declares himself “driven by a deep and sincere passion for Music and for Life, surrounded by a constant flow like under a cascade of notes. Continually looking for strings to vibrate, whether of a Piano… or of the Soul.”

His compositions are the expression of a musical sensibility that originates from the classical tradition and uses contemporary elements tending to highlight melodies and evocative harmonies. They are characterized by dynamic contrasts, density variations and care of the themes that have the intention to involve the listener to make him sympathetic about a real “tale” by notes, leading into an emotive landscape in which romance, rarefaction and passion coexist.

His MySpace profile, in 2009, has been firmly located within the 10th position of the official “Top Artist Myspace” chart (Classical / Italy) and he currently has over 100,000 plays of the audio samples online. In July 2009 he was interviewed by Move Out Magazine and in October of the same year, after having received various reviews, he has made a demo CD called “Piano Solo”, which allowed him to sign his first recording contract with “Electromantic Music” label by Beppe Crovella. The producer and artistic director (composer and musician for over 40 years) has taken to heart the project, dealing with the choice of the piano, the selection of the microphones, the location for the recordings and then the mixing at the Electromantic Synergy Studio.

Thus, the first official album, “Risveglio d’arancio” (“Orange awakening”) was recorded in October 2010. It’s a suite of compositions for piano for a duration of about 50 minutes. The CD is accompanied by a 16 page booklet entitled “Pensieri tra le note… ed oltre” (“Thoughts from the notes… and beyond”) containing a collection of writings made during the composition period.

The album can be ordered in the best music stores or online.
Available in PHYSICAL version with booklet and in DIGITAL version on iTunes.

It’s distributed worldwide by Self Distribuzione and Ma.Ra.Cash. Records.

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