2011 Electromantic Music


The CD is accompanied by a 16 page booklet entitled "PENSIERI TRA LE NOTE... ED OLTRE" ("Thoughts from the notes... and beyond") containing a collection of writings.

The album can be ordered in the best music stores and online.
Available in PHYSICAL version with booklet and in DIGITAL version on iTunes.

It's distributed worldwide by Self Distribuzione and Ma.Ra.Cash. Records. For further information please mail to: [email protected]

1. Risveglio d'arancio   7.23

2. Slow motion   7.19

3. Pace   6.02

4. Il richiamo del mare   5.14

5. Raggi di luce   4.54

6. Fly away   4.46

7. Gocce   7.26

8. Tramonto ore 7   6.02

Total time   49.06